In response to the pandemic, we have developed Ketso Connect, the new mini-kit designed for use in online and physically distanced settings. Great for online and blended learning, over 1330 kits are already in use in 25 countries. Learn more.

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Used in more than 80 countries, Ketso is a multi-award-winning ‘workshop in a bag’ that’s ideal for universities, schools, businesses,  public sector agencies, local councils,  NGOs, communities and more.

Ketso promotes productive collaboration and learning. It provides a creative platform where everyone can be heard equally, making group interaction time-efficient and highly effective. Ketso can be used in face-to-face, online and hybrid settings. Equally useful for public engagement, research and teaching, Ketso is being used in over half of the UK’s universities.

You have our support

We have full support services and free open source materials available for Ketso users. You can also purchase or rent extra materials for your kit, as and when you need to.

Ketso is convenient

You can buy or rent our Ketso kits. They are convenient to carry and are easy to set up and use. All components can be easily rinsed for re-use.

  • “We achieved in days what would normally have taken weeks, if not months.”
    David Noble
    Group President, PeerVoice Ltd
  • “Using Ketso is an activity where everyone can contribute, it’s hands on, visual and it lets everyone shape the outcomes.”
    Richard Sullivan
    Head of Pay and Rewards at Tesco
  • “You would not believe how popular the Ketso kit has become with our staff.”
    Pam Milburn
    Nottingham Building Society
  • “Ketso is the best workshop tool I have come across.”
    Professor Alison Phipps OBE
    University of Glasgow
  • “Massively inclusive, empowering and enabling.”
    Emma Leigh MBE
    NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG

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To find out how Ketso can make a difference for your organisation, read our client case studies and see the ways our customers use Ketso to add value to their group interactions.

If you would like to purchase a Ketso, we have tried and tested kits available for every size of group.