Ketso Connect


Tactile & visual learning aid. Individual kit can be used in remote, hybrid, face-to-face and self-directed learning. From £24/kit

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    Product Description

    Ketso Connect is an award-winning individual learning aid. It is a powerful tool for structuring thinking and developing students’ study skills. Small enough to be sent by post, it forms an ideal welcome pack to support students throughout their studies.

    Learners harness the power of Ketso’s shared visual language, whilst having a tactile tool to structure their ideas. The ability to quickly develop ideas and physically move them around helps students overcome feeling overwhelmed and stuck with their assignments. It inspires creativity and a flexible, agile way of thinking, making it easy to develop and reshape concepts. It can be used for structuring essays, reports and dissertations, project planning and scheduling.

    Ketso Connect is designed to bring active engagement and discussion into live teaching, and removes barriers around social anxiety. This compact kit is suitable for use in small spaces and learning environments, and can be used in online, dual, blended and face-to-face sessions.

    With a low price per unit, orders are scalable for multiple users and student cohorts. We offer price breaks:

    Team: 1 to 10 kits:  £29 per kit
    Cohort: 11 to 300 kits:  £27 per kit
    Transformational: 300 & above: £24 per kit

    All components are re-usable. Ketso Connect comes in a handy canvas wallet (the size of a laptop bag), which converts the kit to a wall planner, and can be branded with your own logo.

    Price excludes VAT, shipping and customs (customers are liable for all duties owed outside of the UK)
    Contact us for information on shipping for more than 30 Units.
    Deliveries may be delayed due to pandemic-related uncertainties.

    Learning, powered by Ketso.

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