Why Use Ketso?

Ketso has been proven to work time and time again, for people all around the world.

What is Ketso?

Ketso is a portable kit you can lay out on a table at group meetings and in workshops. Participants are asked key questions, and write their ideas on specially made ‘leaves’, before placing them on a central felt to create clusters of ideas. It’s proved to be more effective than having a few people simply talking through a meeting, as everyone can work on their ideas in parallel and no one is left out. The results are more structured and relevant. Using Ketso has greater impact compared to having a meeting based on discussion alone.

What can Ketso do for your organisation?

Everyone Gets a Say

  • Everyone’s voice is heard
  • Captures all the ideas
  • Enables effective collaboration
  • Encourages dialogue between very different groups of people

Creates Results Fast

  • Makes meetings quicker and more effective
  • Encourages creative solutions
  • Easy to analyse workshop outcomes
  • Can be reused again and again

A Positive Experience

  • Leaves no one feeling marginalised and unheard
  • Is more enjoyable than regular meetings
  • Can be used at all levels of an organisation
  • Whatever the subject, Ketso brings people together

Ketso designed for all

Ketso has been used around the world in different contexts and for multiple organisations and institutions. From organising a village initiative in Africa to a corporate change management exercise for a multinational, Ketso cuts across all the challenges posed by bringing together diverse groups of people to discuss a shared issue. If you need a group to find creative solutions, ideas grow quickly using a Ketso kit and everyone is empowered to contribute effectively.

Choose your Ketso

Ketso has a range of different kits, suitable for various group sizes. Browse the different types of Ketso kits and find the perfect one for your group and purpose.